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Firewall & Bridge

I know this question has come up here and there, and I am still haveing trouble getting things to work. 
I am trying to create a bridge that will also filter out packets (tcp's) and redirect them to another location or deny them.
I can do this in a firewall, and get everything to work, but the trick is, I need them to work with the bridge. 
I built the bridge and it works great.  I can't get the firewall part working I have went to every bridge/firewall site, tried everything that is suggested, and still can't seem to get the firewall to work.  I do not want to setup the box as a router, because there are several hundred users in various locations, etc, that already have there tcp/ip info setup, and there is not one central place that I can pop the box into, to use as a router.  I want it to be completly transparent.  Any suggestions or help?  I am downloading the latest build of debian, and see if that helps. I am using kernel 2.4.2 now.
Jayson Johnson

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