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Re: [users] MAC -> IP?

>>>>> "S" == S Breedveld <S.Breedveld@ITS.TUDelft.NL> writes:

Guy> It looks to me like someone who has misconfigured their machine.
Guy> Mail the log extract to your ISP to complain.

S> I have complained, but they are unwilling to listen. They do not
S> understand these stuff. I can internet, so they have fulfilled
S> their obligations. That's the monopoly they have.

>> And in the mean time, turn off logging for this type of traffic.

S> My computer is constantly fired with ARP requests from other hosts
S> in my cable modem network. Is there a way to block these requests?
S> I do not know which protocol(s) they consists of.

ARP traffic is a normal part of an Ethernet network. Even if you could
switch it off, you wouldn't want to: no traffic is able to connect to
your machine without it.

Just ignore it. Your machine will not respond to any ARP request
unless it's a request for your IP address. It's not an attack, but
simply a broadcast message, sent to all machines on the subnet.

IMHO, your cable company has a badly designed network. I have a cable
modem as well, and it filters out all of the traffic which is not sent
to my IP address.

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