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At 07:55 PM 5/11/01 -0700, Cory Petkovsek wrote:

>My reply (and my current setup) does have a nic that connects to the dsl
router.  I have IP aliasing on the external nic, not the internal.  Aliasing
the internal wouldn't do much good for security purposes.  The drawing I
made actually excluded the switches, here's a more accurate rendition:
>Ray, is this unsafe?  Do you see a problem with my setup?  I am certainly
open to constructive criticism.

Looks fine to me; from your first posting, I simply hadn't sen where you
were connecting up the DSL line. 

Whether this approach would work for the original poster is uncertain. I've
never tried IP-aliasing an interface that runs PPPoE, so I don't know if the
two are compatible. (With PPPoE, the eth* interface itself doesn't get an IP
address; software like the Roaring Penguin package runs a PPP session on it
that gets assigned an IP address dynamically.)

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