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NEWBIE: ipchains/route problem

I think this is probably not the correct list to send this to but I can't
find one specifically for routing and it is sort of a firewall question.

I'm currently trying to learn how to configure a firewall/router and have
become confused about the way the routing table and the forwarding table

This is what I have;

          Internet connection
            |  router/   |
            | firewall   |
 WAN Link---|            |-------Private net

IC 	= eth0
WAN	= eth1
PN	= eth2

Now, if I wanted to route all traffic intended for the WAN link from the
private net do I need to add a route to that link in the routing table...

route add -net dev eth1

...or do I just add statements to the ipchains forwarding table...

ipchains -A forward -i eth1 -d $WAN -j MASQ

...or do I need both?

What is the relationship between these two tables?


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