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Re: Help needed with ip route

well yes the gateway is in the same class c that the route that I am using.
these numbers are hypothetical anyway.... :)
and I have 4 Ethernet devices with various subnets.
at anyrate... Route doesn't work anymore (at all).. I have to use ip route
with kernel 2.2.14
I just dont know the syntax of ip route.

> On 2000-02-03 22:51:08, Kent Andersen wrote:
> > route add -net netmask metric 4 gw
> > dev eth1
> Your gw is not in the network that you are routing.  Also, try to
> using this sequence of options:
> route add {-host|-net} Target[/prefix] [gw Gw] [metric M] [netmask N]
> [[dev] If]
> Unless you have multiple devices on this network, I don't think that
> you will need to specify the device.
> /Allan
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