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Тicкet#987929020: <debian-events-nl@lists.debian.org> 04.05.2018 01:58:33 Hello,everything will be okay


Do not consider on my illiteracy, I am foreign.I put our malware on your system.Now I stole all personal data from your system. Furthermore I have some more compromising.The most entertaining evidence which I have- its a video with your self-abusing.I installed malicious software on a porn web page and then you loaded it. When you chose the video and tapped on a play button, my virus immediately loaded on your system.

After loading, your web camera made the videotape with you wanking,  in addition it captured exactly the porn video you masturbated on. In next few days my malware grabbed all your social and work contacts.

If you need to eliminate the records- transfer me 940 united state dollar in BTC(cryptocurrency).
It is my Bitcoin wallet address - 17vyhkzJbiDvWkv28kB9MUXmnLhp3mKEJQ  

You have 24 h. to go after reading. If I receive transaction I will eliminate the evidence forever. Otherwise I will forward the video to all your colleagues and friends.

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