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lead status update

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 Over the past 6 months we have launched a new 60 agent call center facility dedicated compliant predictive live transfer debt settlement and debt consolidation leads.   Every lead is double verified by a quality control manager that oversees a team of 10 agents.  

All leads are delivered through an intelligent lead routing engine, which enables us to deliver live transfer leads, and the lead data in real time to your sales agents based on your unique routing and filter criteria.  All of our clients are provided a complimentary lead management platform to ensure complete control of your lead based sales strategy.  We are confident that the quality of our leads will deliver some of the best cost per sale metrics in the industry.  To learn more about how we might be able increase your return on investment please give me a ring so that I can answer any questions and explain how our lead generation model separates us from our competitors.

You can read more about this program here http://go.rm0001.net/go.asp?tid=3729862&eid=512&sb_id=784651

Give me a ring at (888) 506-5506 if you are interested in hearing more about our lead generation process

Kind Regards,

Greg Dunlop
Direct: (888) 506-5506
Email: gregd@webdebtleads.com

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