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Re: RMLL/LSM Bordeaux, 6 to 11 july 2010

On Tue, Feb 09, 2010 at 09:08:37AM +0100, Xavier Oswald wrote:
> I will organize a Debian booth there and give at least one talk.
> I have to provide a list of people organizing the debian booth so if
> people are interested to help me it would be great.
> BTW, I have the debian banner and I will have some T-Shirt and goodies
> to sell there.

Brief summary of what I've just discussed with Xavier on IRC. It's just
a list of suggestions based on my (very limited!) experience at the
Debian booth at FOSDEM 2010. I've been there only for a few hours, so
I'm sure that Axel and other people which did way more grunt work than
me will have more/better suggestions:

- people still ask for CD/DVDs, have some around
- Debian wine is a wonderful gadget: it it's feasible, get in touch with
  Holger to organize an expedition to sell it there
- Xavier is already in touch with Sledge for UK t-shirts; people like
  Debian.ch t-shirts too, get in touch with Luca (gismo@d.o) to have
  some of them
- ditto for the debian.ch stickers
- people liked a lot the Debian mugs produced by Credativ (if I'm not
  mistaken), we had too few of them: get in touch with formorer@d.o to
  check how to get some
- even if it is not needed for RMLL (they have metallic grids to hang
  banners on) in general we need some "foldable banner support"
  (e.g. [1], random image from the web), because we have some heavy
  banners which can't stand on the wall with duct tape only


[1] http://tinyurl.com/yzgftmk

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