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Re: review: linux@work in milano

Il ven, 2002-06-14 alle 10:42, David N. Welton ha scritto:
> How come the plans didn't get announced here?  Martin Schulze asked if
> anyone was going several weeks ago.
> Speaking of which, I don't think we've seen much here on webbit,
> either, and that's definitely supposed to be an international event.

i'll post the wml and text-only annouce about the webb.it on this list
later this afternoon.

about linux@work, i am sorry. i missed the first mail and we organized
everything in a hurry starting about 3 days ago.

<david mode="only">
"il pier" asked me to coordinate with you to have an apache stand in the
free software (big) booth. also, do you remember if apache wes given an
island in the arena? if not you can join the Debian island (just make
sure to have a big enough banner for the 4m totem...)

Federico Di Gregorio
Debian GNU/Linux Developer & Italian Press Contact        fog@debian.org
INIT.D Developer                                           fog@initd.org
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