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Re: Focus Packaging & Design Ltd needs your Products.

Focus Packaging & Design Ltd is interested to make an order with your
company if you can provide us the exact product specifications as in
below link with good quality and urgent delivery to us as we intend
making bulk purchases before Christmas. Please kindly open the link
below for our product order, view it by clicking on the link and login
with your valid email address you are using to view the product


Notice: you will find more details about our company profile with the
above link sent, Kindly get back to us with your lowest price list for
these requested products so we can confirm from other sellers if your
price is OK.

Best regards,
Neil Calvert
Focus Packaging & Design Ltd
Harwin House, Bolingbroke Rd,
 Fairfield Industrial Estate
Louth, Lincolnshire
United Kingdom  LN11 0WA
Tel: +44 1507 610531
Fax: +44 1507 603079

On 10/10/13, Sian Mountbatten <poenikatu@fastmail.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear Sir
> Esperanto is not a `product'. It is a language spoken by approximately
> two million people in the world. It is easier to learn that any national
> language. Do a web search for Esperanto and you will be surprised by the
> number of sites which mention the language.
> Sincerely
> --
> Sian Mountbatten (home web-site http://www.poenikatu.co.uk/>)
> Learning C++11 from the C++ Primer 5th edition.
> I'm an associate FSF member (no. 10888).
> Help us support software freedom! http://www.fsf.org/jf?referrer=10888

I am interested in purchasing your product. Please give me more
information and details on the product.

Best regards,
Carolina Zuñiga
Brand Manager
Imex Estado Ltda.
e-mail: thomasrobert416@gmail.com

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