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reg:requesting link exchnge

Dear Webmaster

My name is Krish Toram and I am Search Engine Optimizer for Escape to
Slipstream. I found your website while searching for online partners.

We Provide vacation rentals at the Island of Bahamas and I thought we
might be able to prove ourselves as a useful resource for your
website, either now or in the future. I am hoping that you could put a
link to your website and we would be able to offer you a link in
return http://www.volunteers-broad.com/resources.php.

Please use the linking details given below

Title: Vacation Rentals in Bahamas
URL: http://www.escapetoslipstream.com
Desc:  Slipstream is a breathtaking 5-bedroom house situated on Long
Island, Bahamas. Available for rent, Slipstream sits among lush
gardens and is fronted by its own private beach

Title: Bahamas Vacation Rental
URL:  http://www.escapetoslipstream.com
Desc:  Slipstream Provides the Vacation Rentals at Long Island of
Bahamas, Spend your Vacations at Eco-friendly Environment.

Thanks and feel free to discuss on this or any other opportunity.

I look forward for your reply.

Kind Regards
Krish Toram
Email -ravikirantoram@gmail.com

Vacation Rentals in the Bahamas
Long Island Bahamas Vacation Rentals

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