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Higher Organic traffic

Dear Website Manager,


I am emailing you today because I believe you are the decision maker regarding the business representing your website which I came across recently.


Do you have any interest to advertise or market your business/website over the internet like search engines, social media, mobiles for marketing purposes?


I offer you our services in: 




We are a complete digital marketing firm. Through a planned mix of web presence & web promotions, we can significantly increase your customer reach within few months of our work.


If you have commercial interests with your website or any other website, then you might want to consider our above services. Your business objectives can certainly be presented better through good web presence & marketing. Also, as the number of mobile internet users is fast increasing, your website should be mobile compliant.


I can send you case studies & references on how we have done the same for many businesses. These are some of the basic things which I offer to do. But I could send you a detailed proposal on how we can help your business in web marketing over internet complimenting your real marketing efforts.


I have sent this mail from my personal e-mail. Rest assured that this is the last e-mail you’ll see in case you reply with your disinterest or choose not to reply at all. If you are interested, I’ll further communicate through my business e-mail. We can also have a call anytime you prefer.


Looking forward to your reply. Be well.



Best Regards,
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

This is a onetime email and you may ask us to “REMOVE”.

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