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Re: Connection Resfused - Emdebsys

Hello Andre,

2011/4/2 Andre Barone <andre.barone@gmail.com>:

>  I am trying to get the source for Emdebsys, but anonymous connection to CVS
> seems to be not not allowed.
> Is there any trick for this?

We migrated CVS into SVN a while (years) back... while I am surprised
the old site still online <http://emdebian.sourceforge.net/>, most up
to date development is available at <http://www.emdebian.org/>.
Note that emdebsys it has not been used, nor updated, since years.

>  cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.emdebian.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/emdebian
> login
> Logging in to
> :pserver:anonymous@cvs.emdebian.sourceforge.net:2401/cvsroot/emdebian
> CVS password:
> cvs [login aborted]: connect to
> cvs.emdebian.sourceforge.net( failed: Connection refused

If you really want to use emdebsys, should be available under
'superceeded' stuff at emdebian.org SVN
<http://emdebian.org/trac/browser/superceded>, but I could not find
it. I'll try to look if I can find it.

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