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How to build proper "user" emdebian packages

with the help of the emdebian people here on this forum I installed
emdebian crush on a XScale PXA 270 system. I used the default emsandbox
command to create the root file system.
My question is now how to generate a proper emdebian package. I
successfully compiled a simple hello world app and it worked on the
target device. The header <stdio.h> is used there and the c file is
simply compiled with arm-linux-gnu. I guess the default stdio.h header
from the development system is used then instead of the emdebian
specific one?
Is there a makefile template for building apps for emdebian crush?
After having a executable how do I generate en emdebian .deb package?
Can I just manually create the control.tar.gz, data.tar.gz files and
move them into test.deb file?

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