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dpkg bugs closed - emdebian-tools 1.0.0 pending


dpkg-shlibdeps is now able to look into directories containing libraries
     used by cross-built binaries provided that the right environment variable
     are set. Closes: #453267

dpkg-buildpackage will set PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR (but not override an existing
     value) in case of cross-compilation so that pkgconfig finds .pc files
     in the directory specific to the target architecture. Closes: #439979

So emdebian-tools 1.0.0 will drop the previous workarounds and require a
minimum dependency of dpkg-dev (>= 1.14.17). I'll upload it to Debian
later today, providing I can fix the primary mirror selection issue.

This also means that 'dpkg-buildpackage -a' *is usable* for nearly all
packages once you have dpkg-dev >= 1.14.7. Lenny will now release with a
SANE cross building environment available.

emdebuild >= 1.0.0 is only necessary IF:
1. You want to modify/update Emdebian patches (not just apply them) -
i.e. if you have commit access to Emdebian SVN.
2. You need the one remaining wrapper: 'X-Build-Cross-Libtool: yes'
which is my next main target. This is a package-specific problem and
each incidence needs a package-specific solution via an appropriate
patch. As such, the wrapper is likely to stay in place in emdebuild for
some considerable time - at least until someone can rebuild the entire
archive with a test that can identify which packages are still affected.
3. You want the build checks currently implemented by emdebuild but
which I plan to spin out during the life of emdebian-tools 1.x. I want
to standardise those build checks and abstract them into possibly a
lintian-compatible check set.

There should now be no need for any wrapper scripts that anyone may have
devised to mangle LD_LIBRARY_PATH or PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR - indeed,
explicit support for these within dpkg means that it is to be considered
harmful from now on to touch these variables, except possibly in some
specific corner cases.

Feel free to update any Wiki pages that mention these workarounds -
don't wait for me to do it.


Neil Williams

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