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Re: ipkg Vs emdeb


> Philippe De Swert <philippedeswert@scarlet.be> [050109]:
> On the naming question, I don't know if the idea of having a *.emdeb
> instead of *.deb is appropriate.

We will NOT do this. It would cause lots of trouble with the package
management system. We have been discussing a naming scheme at the UKUUG
meeting in august, and concluded it was best to keep the current debian names
(to be able to mix emdebian and debian packages if software is not available
(and you are using glibc emdebian packages)

However there must be a way to identify them. We were thinking about changes
to the control file to add some variables. Thus we could even include
optimalisation stuff (like Xscale, strongarm,...). We have to find a decent,
solid and fool-proof scheme yet. Changing the naming of the package itself was
an option I considered, but potentially breaks dependencies.

I believe Steve McIntyre was also thinking along those lines to add something
inside the package to minimize downloadsize for modem users when updating, but
I do not remember the exact details of it.

It is Fosdem soon, which will have a room dedicated to Debian, so it might be
useful to continue the discussion there.

Any feedback on the mailing list is welcome too..

> I don't know how to add the naming for embedded systems, since it is
> compiled against uclibc.
> Also, if the goal is to create a repository of emdeb packages, it should
> compile against a fixed version of gcc/uclibc.
> Which gcc/uclibc fixed version to choose?

For the moment I am using gcc-3.3.3 for ARM with softfloat and uclibc-0.9.26.
This can be easily reproduced using Erik Andersens scripts. And I have already
managed to compile lots of things with it. Minimo, vlc, X, ...

I already posted a small howto on our wiki, that I will expand when I find
time to do so.



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