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Re: [emacs-snapshot] df2

Romain Francoise wrote:
Henrik Andersson <h.andersson@nioo.knaw.nl> writes:

Here you go, I hope you can decipher it...

For some reason, `directory-free-space-program' must be set to "df2" in
your setup...  Could you try to find out why?  It could be an init file
or a Debian package (since things obviously work for everyone else).

In the interim,
(setq directory-free-space-program "df")

should fix the problem.

Whoops, I guess my memory is not that good after all. I customed this variable on my windows machine, since 'df' there refer to the Digital Fortran compiler and not free disk space. And then used the same .emacs on the debian machine.

So, nothing at all to complain about emacs-snapshot!


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