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Bug#1018869: education-development: recommends anjuta which is unmaintained upstream

Package: education-development
Version: 2.12.8
Severity: normal
Tags: bookworm sid
Control: block 1018852 by -1

education-development currently Recommends anjuta, an IDE for GNOME.
anjuta's last upstream release was 3 years ago, and its upstream Gitlab
project has now been archived, which means that bug reports and patches
are no longer accepted. See https://bugs.debian.org/1018852 for more details.

The recommended replaceent is gnome-builder, a newer IDE for GNOME, which
is actively maintained upstream. Please consider replacing
Recommends: anjuta with Recommends: gnome-builder.

It looks like anjuta might still be released in Debian 12 because gtkpod
has a dependency on one of its libraries, but it is likely to be removed
in the Debian 13 cycle.


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