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Re: Hay aquí alguien que hable español?

El día 20 de julio de 2011 11:28, Jürgen Leibner <2010jl@gmx.de> escribió:

> This is realised with the 'Diskless Workstation' profile, wich can be
> used with a combined main server profile (default choosen setup on
> install).

In Asturias (Spain) we are working in a diskless solution based on
Debian and AoE (I'm adding ocfs2 to the system atm). I haven't had too
much time to blog or write about it yet, but we already have 6
classrooms installed and working, and we have already tested them with
a lot of students. I'll try to explain a bit more about it as soon as
I have some spare time, but I thought I should comment on it just in
case :)


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