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Video chat, voice over IP, video conferencing, and the use of NAT.

Skolelinux has a NAT (Network Address Translation) firewall
as part of its architecture.  This means that the addresses
on the Skolelinux network are not accessible from the Internet.

This will be touted as a security feature by some.

But it means that applications like Gnomemeeting will not
"just work".  In fact, making them work will be a real pain!

The same for all kinds of peer-to-peer file transfers.  Are
we really furthering the "filtered web access" view of the
Internet?  Isn't Debian-edu striving to empowering its users?

Anyhow, back to Gnomemeeting.  Debian-edu needs some video
chat applications that "just work" out of the box with the
default architecture.  Without that, it is way behind the
times.  People actually use video chat, not just for porn
and dating, but for work.

Debian-edu should have a solution to this.  Something with
"many nines" reliability.  Something that doesn't require
manual fiddling with firewall setups.

Herman Robak

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