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Short description of programs for Snofrix/Skolelinux

In preparation for a new version of Snofrix [1],
I have been writing some short articles on the major programs [2].
The purpose of this documentation is threefold:

1)  to advertize the available programs.
2)  to help overcome the initial barrier to use of the programs.
3)  to create a set of links to related programs/documentation.

Obviously, these articles are no substitute for real documentation,
but they are meant to be more accessible.  The articles are not
meant to cover the whole of GNU/Linux, either, since I want to 
focus attention on a subset of programs that I believe are 
especially useful to the ordinary user.  Yes, there is KDE bias,
because Knoppix/Skolelinux/Snofrix are based on KDE.

While writing these articles, it become clear to me which programs
needed a better user interface (celestia, gimp), because I found
myself writing quite a bit---clearly a compensation for my
frustration with the program's useability.  This criticism is of 
course offered in the friendliest terms:  I would not include them 
on the list (nor criticize them) unless I held a high opinion of them.

The set of articles is not yet finished (some pages are blank,
others are only half complete), but I draw your attention to them now
because I would like to get feedback.  Do you like the presentation?
Should I do it differently in some way?  What is missing?  Be aware that
writing articles of this kind is enormously time-consuming.

Once these pages are more polished, I want them to be translated,
so I would be happy to hear from translators.


[1]  http://www.skolelinux.no/~conrad/snofrix.html
[2]  http://www.skolelinux.no/~conrad/snofrix/html/us/programs.html

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