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Debian Edu lenny alpha3 prerelease


I'm happy to announce the fourth test release (alpha3) of the Lenny based 
Skolelinux version, hopefully the last one before our first release 
candidate, RC1, which should be available fairly soon! 

Please test this images as much as you can and report back feedback.

Since the previous test release (alpha2) some bugs got fixed
and some of the features broken in the last release are now working.
(But read on below for a short list of known broken things.)

The updated images can be downloaded via FTP, HTTP and rsync (see below
for detailed instructions). The CD image size is about 606 MiB and the
DVD about 4.4 GiB.

Here are the most remarkable changes since the third test release (alpha2):

Updated Gnash to a version writing less log messages to ~/.xsession-errors 
(fixes #1404). 

- The DHCP server doesn't die over night anymore. (fixes #1398)

- Rewrote sound handling for thin clients, to use ESD for KDE and Pulseaudio 
and ALSA via pulseaudio for everything else, to get more applications working 
with sound on thin clients. Selected applications (audacity, gtick) 
using /dev/dsp (OSS) have been configured to use Pulseaudio instead. 

- Correct PXE installation settings when installing the main-server using DVD,  
to make sure the preseeded mirror settings make sense. 

- Partition sizes have been adjusted for installation of 
Main-server+Thin-Client-Server, Main-Server+Workstation and Workstation to 
avoid having to extend them during installation. 

- install acpi-support-base on LTSP clients to make sure the power button work 
on hardware where it send an ACPI event. 

The following known bugs are present and don't need to be reported:

- if the installation was done from DVD without network access, diskless 
workstations don't work. This is being worked on and for alpha3 we recommend 
to install with network available only.

- it's not possible to unlock the screensaver in KDE. This bug is already 
fixed in lenny-test, the fix just not made it into alpha3.

To download this alpha3 multiarch netinstall prerelease you can use

To download this alpha2 multiarch dvd prerelease you can use

(ftp is also available as usual.)

The MD5SUM of these images are

e8235911eb5694797998752db75999f5  debian-edu-lenny-dvd-alpha3.iso
fdcbc2f5f0287de93abb75c8307696ef  debian-edu-lenny-netinstall-alpha3.iso

The SHA1SUMS are: 
f99ba8bcc69deca0eacddbab2fed2383bf0a5d38  debian-edu-lenny-dvd-alpha3.iso

How to report bugs:

cheers & happy testing,

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