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[Debian-NYC] Workshop #2: using what we've learned

Hello everyone,

We had our first workshop nearly two weeks ago, and I have not yet
followed up.  This email is about scheduling a follow up.  Please see
this poll for date options:


What will this workshop be about?  It will be much more free form, not
as lecture-based as the last one.  We can do the "everyone fixes some
bugs" that we didn't get to last time, but there could also be groups
discussing: backporting, looking at a package and identify all the
parts, looking at a poorly-done package, advanced tools, ... .  If you
have any suggestions/requests, please follow up to this email.

This workshop follows up the first one, but you by no means have to
have been to the first to come to the second.  There will probably be
a group which reviews of the things we learned at the first one.

Depending on the location, there may be a reservation limit again
here.  If you fill out the poll, you'll be considered RSVPed if you
choose to confirm, but it's not limited to people who fill out the

- Richard

(I'm hoping for Nov 6th or 7th because our visitor from europe can
attend, which will help in our goal of taking over the world and

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