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Re: [Debian-NYC] DebConf10 pre-proposal: New York City

On Mon, 2008-08-11 at 21:20 +0200, Amaya wrote:
> Yes, I do not deny this. But I do remember, correct me if I am wrong,
> that several Debian hackers were denied entry or visas to Mexico,
> specifically young males with muslim/arab (sorry I lack the right term
> in english) name or background or etnicity, as Mexico was somewhat a
> South border to the US, or so I remember it.

This did happen (and happens sometimes) but it's a very small number of
people for the total amount of Muslim people that visit Mexico or the US
(not that this exempts it, of course). The US couldn't be blamed for
this idiotic Mexican gov't fear on granting visas, IMO.

> I believe, if I am not completely wrong, which I'd love to be, this
> should be more deeply investigaded.
> On the plus side, the dollar is getting quite cheap and that should make
> stuff much easier for sponsorship and for attendants's access to basic
> needs while in NYC.

> Also, just for the sake of clarity:
> <Clint> amaya: was $Obama a typo or a clever insult of some kind?
> <amaya> Clint: i meant $winner_in_the_upcoming_election which i
> believe
> equals to Obama, nothing more

It was also very deep for me :)

> I do not mean to discourage Debconf in NYC, I just meant to be prompt in
> sharing the huge concerns I have been witness to in a lot of Debconf
> Team meetings and with the Debconf Choice of Venue familiarity that I
> have gained with the years. People are not happy to travel to the US,and
> special effort is needed to address this concern, that's all I really
> meant to say.

This a known concern and we have to make sure we can provide arguments
to people that traveling to the US isn't different than traveling
elsewhere, because it's just not.

Amaya, thanks for bringing all of this up, this is exactly what we will
face: we all appreciate it (even Mr. Anderson).

David Moreno <david@axiombox.com>
 +1 917 715 5664

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