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Re: Unpredictable behavior when two packages want to divert the same file


In 2004, Frank Küster wrote:

> And while we're at it, and a copy goes to debian-policy@l.d.o,
> ,----
> |      You should not use `dpkg-divert' on a file belonging to another
> |      package without consulting the maintainer of that package first.
> `----
> Not only that a warning about multiple diversions is missing here:
> This should be noted down somewhere in the source package. There are
> NMUs, packages are orphaned etc., and information like this can easily
> be lost.

To be clear, which of the following is this report proposing?

 * Maintainer scripts must pass "--package" to dpkg-divert when
   creating or removing diversions and must not use "--local"
   (documented in 2010).

 * Packages diverting the same file should conflict.

 * Packages should not divert a file unless that file is "divertable".
   To make a file divertable, the maintainer of the package shipping
   it adds a comment to debian/control mentioning the filename and
   which packages are allowed to divert it.

 * Something else (?)

Thanks and hope that helps,

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