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Re: libdpkg: m_fork and friends

lkcl luke wrote:

>                       performance is never a major issue here :)  but
> i believe, last time i looked, all the dependencies had been sorted
> out (with one exception) by the mingw, msys and git-win32 teams.  i
> had to track down an implementation of flock but that was about it.

Some examples from "Git for Windows" experience: Windows does not
allow removing a file or directory that is open, nor modifying a DSO
that is in use.

Now compare this to dpkg's requirements, which include the ability to
upgrade packages while they are currently in use (think: libc).

Can you reconcile these?  If so, I will be happy to look over your
work and try it out when I am next on Windows.  You might be able to
coordinate work on the debian-win32 list.  If you run into specific
questions about the design or style of dpkg code, the friendly people
on the debian-dpkg list might be able to help you.  However, until you
have something working, I do not expect there to be much interest in
solving Windows-specific problems on the debian-dpkg list or merging
workarounds to Windows API infelicities in the official dpkg.git

Hope that helps,

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