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Re: reassign to dpkg-dev with request to support -sn for all formats?

Yaroslav Halchenko <debian@onerussian.com> writes:

> CCing Dpkg Developers -- please reassign to dpkg-dev (dpkg-source)
> if you consider my concern valid
> I got the same warning while playing with reprepro's changelogs.example.
> It also relies on dpkg-source -sn -x to extract packaging only directory
> from the sources to obtain copyright and Debian changelog files.
> Although -sn is listed as a "Format: 1.0" specific, it makes complete
> sense to have it supported for any other format to do precisely that --
> "Ensures that the original source is neither copied to the current
> directory nor unpacked".
> As a result of the absent V3 support for -sn, dpkg-source does a copy of
> the original sources, which in our case 1.7GB data package, thus not
> acceptable situation and demolishing the benefits for V3 having a
> neat .debian.tar.g.
> Since there is no other cross-format option for dpkg-source to extract
> Debian packaging only, I do not think it is viable to provide
> format-specific handling in every dependent tool (e.g. sbuild,
> reprepro) instead of fixing dpkg-source to provide such generic
> functionality across all (or major) formats.

The same could be said for -sp, -su and --skip-debianization. The last
is specified for 3.0 (quilt) but would make sense for 3.0 (git) and 3.0
(bzr) too [skip the checkout].


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