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Re: RFC: Proposal to combine diversions and Replaces into DEBIAN/replaces

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> Also converting from old style dpkg-divert to
> the "replaces" file is simply done by removing all dpkg-divert calls and
> listing the respective files in "replaces".

This part is hazy to me, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the

> The idea is that no effort has to be taken in the maintainer script to
> keep the diversions in line. Simply listing them in the "replaces" file
> is all that is needed.
> All the dangers and
> dificulties of using diversions right is eliminated.
> Further replacing files becomes more specific preventing accidentally
> replacing the wrong files and reversible. This would make the use of
> Breaks + "replaces" file a safe operation unlike Breaks + Replaces is
> now, not just when aborting an upgrade but even when downgrading.
> Comments?

So where’s the patch? :)

Seriously, this sounds like an excellent thing to do, and best of all,
it would be perfectly safe to include something like this in dpkg as
an experiment before permitting it in the archive/policy.


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