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tdpkg cache wrapper to dpkg

it's since 2007 that cache for dpkg has been proposed but maintainers never
replied. For this reason I've written a shared library libtdpkg.so to wrap
open/fstat/rename/unlink calls from dpkg for .list files in order to cache the contents of those
files. The result is quite impressive on how it boosts up cold startup of
dpkg (from 14s to 2-3s here using tokyocabinet).

Here's the homepage for reference: http://lethalman.hostei.com/tdpkg.html

It's robust enough to not fuck up /var/lib/dpkg/info, the first time it
should be run as root in order to create the cache in
I'd like to hear your comments about any possibility to enhance the cache
concept inside dpkg.

Best regards,

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