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Re: dpkg and sqlite... ...?

> hey folks,
> (please cc me on responses, i'm not subscribed)
> people have brought this up a few times but i haven't seen an answer
> whether or not this is something you'd be interested in having.  usually
> the discussion seems to veer off to "you should set foo on your
> filesystem" etc.
> as others have mentioned, sqlite3 seems to show a bit of promise to
> speed up many of the operations dpkg performs.  namely, files,
> diversions, md5sums, and package statuses could all be stored in a
> relatively simple schema in a single file.  it advertises acid
> operations as well (though i don't have enough practical experience to
> know if that's completely true).  
> as a plus, it would drastically reduce the amount of code in dpkg.  the
> hundreds of lines of code dedicated toe
> scanning/reading/writing/parsing/representing the various *.list
> *.md5sums etc could be reduced to a small number of sql queries.
> i spent a little time dicking around earlier today just to see how
> feasible it would be, and hacked out a sample schema which could be used
> for representing the above data, and a sample "list installed
> files" (including diversions) function.
> so, what's the general consensus on this?  yea or nay?
I say you/we should at least try it out.

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