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Re: Put a fixed md5sum into sarge-updates?

On Fri, 2005-09-30 at 17:43 +0100, Matthew Vernon wrote:

> I've been preparing to upgrade some woody systems to sarge, and 
> colleagues have pointed out to me that the syntax that md5sum outputs 
> has changed. This will break my backup and mirroring arrangements. 
> Looking in the BTS, I see bugs 164591 and 164889; md5sum has been fixed 
> (at least in experimental) to revert to the older behaviour, in line 
> with a decision by the technical committee.
> Can I make a case for this fix going into sarge-updates, please, on
> two grounds:
So this is slightly complicated ... while there was a "fixed" md5sum in
dpkg for a while, it became "unfixed" again because dpkg no longer ships
an NIH version of md5sum and instead the coreutils md5sum gets the name.

So shipping a changed md5sum in sarge would actually make it
incompatible with unstable.

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