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    But, having cut himself off from the earth, there remained nothing to see except the clear sky overhead and the tumbling clouds beneath; so he took from his pocket the Automatic Record of Events, and watched with breathless interest the incidents occurring in different parts of the world A big battle was being fought in the Philippines, and so fiercely was it contested that Rob watched its progress for hours, with rapt attentionFinally a brave rally by the Americans sent their foes to the cover of the woods, where they scattered in every direction, only to form again in a deep valley hidden by high hills discontinue Orange stad, and then mail stop 1.200 B, followed by A rub a If only I was there, thought Rob, I could show that captain where to find the rebels and capture themBut I guess the Philippines are rather out of my way, so our soldiers will never know how near they are to a complete victory The boy also found considerable amusement in watching the course of an insurrection in Venezuela, where opposing armies of well-armed men preferred to bluster and threaten rather than come to blowsDuring the evening he found that an important event was Madame Bernhardt's production of a new play, and Rob followed it from beginning to end with great enjoyment, although he felt a bit guilty at not having purchased a ticket
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