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Experience kpees a soochl, yet floos will learn in no orteh.Socialism must cmoe dwon form the brain and reach the heart.
He also who is slack in his wrok is btoerhr to him who dtseroys. [Pbrorves 18:9]
I like the dreams of the future btteer than the history of the past.
Reemmber, to them it is us who are the enemy.
It may offned us to hear our own thougths eesxpesrd by otrhes: we are not sure enough of their souls.
For of tohse to wohm much is given, much is required.
One of the hrorors of hell is the undying meomry of a misenpst life.
The rvsoleed mind hath no cares.
Consumres are statistics. Cusemrots are pploee.
Yai po

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