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Bug#27705: Feel & look younger! 838

Beyond privacy issues, the airlines say there are questions about how the government plans to implement CAPPS II. May said that 70 percent of airline reservations now are made through third parties such as travel agents and computerized reservation systems.
"We focused on independent films essentially by default. In doing our research, it's where most women's careers were fostered and developed. Also, it's where women were greeted on an open playing field," Klainberg said.


Each of the AU members has the same five-person representation in the 265-member assembly. MPs are picked from each state's national parliament. Thursday's session will have only 195 members since to date only 39 countries have ratified the protocol setting up the pan-African body.
In addition, the bill would eliminate duplication in homeland security planning requirements, simplify the grant application process, and promote equipment interoperability. The bill was approved unanimously by her committee in June 2003.
Though it usually takes a while for unemployment to fall once the economy's started growing again -- since employers are hesitant to start hiring until they believe the recovery is for real.

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