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All Meds Here. Fwd: V1cod/in > Va1ium * +XANAX+ _ V|@Gra Pnte.r.min $ S+o+ma qgmecavftojb

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Plus: P@.xil, Busp'@r, Ad|pe`x, I0na*m|n, M3ri.dia, X:3nica|, Ambi3`n, S`0naTa, F`l3xeril, Ce|3`brex, Fi0ric'3t, Tram@do:|, U|tr@`m, L3v'|tra, Pr0p3c:ia, Acyc|`0vir, Pr0z'@c

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Is not a match for you all! 
And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." 
That is seated by the sea; 
Lashed close to a drifting mast. 

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