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Re: remote package archive

On Sun, May 20, 2001 at 08:25:45AM -0400, Darkhaven wrote:
> i have a laptop, and i have a desktop. the desktop has about 28 more gigs than
> the laptop, hence i'd like to put as much as possible on the desktop.
> hence, i wanted to hase the /var/cache/apt/archive on the desktop, and nothing
> on the laptop. (btw, i am on a dialup, so i like to keep my package archive for
> reinstalls and the likes)
> now, i realize that i can put a path to the desktop archive (be it mounted, or
> via ftp) in /etc/apt/sources.list, however if i were to download a package on
> the laptop, it wouldn't go to the desktop, it would go directly to the laptop;
> furthermore, i think when a package were to be taken out of any location
> provided by the sources.list file, it is copied to /var/cache/apt/archive. this
> defeats the purpose.
> if someone has any ideas, i'd appreciate it.

I have a similar problem: I have only a 56Kbit pay-per-second dailup line and a
few Debian based computers at home, but I also have a laptop with a 10Mbit
connection at university. Therefore, I want to download packages at university
onto my laptop and carry them home, and upgrade my computers there. The best
thing I could come up with was making an ftp-mirror of woody. However, woody is
way too large to fit on my laptop, and I'm only interested in a few (~700)
packages (that's about 300 MB) anyway. One program of which I thought it could
do that was apt-move, and, although it kinda worked, I had some problems with
that (but perhaps it works just fine for you; you should just try it).

To solve my problems, I've written my own program, demish. You can find it on
http://luon.net/~admar, or point your sources.list to
deb ftp://donald-duck.ele.tue.nl/debian testing main
(or deb ftp://donald-duck.ele.tue.nl/debian unstable main)
It can be a bit hard to set up the first time (especially if you want to run it
as user, since then you probably have to configure apt to refer to non-standard
directories), but it works for me.

I have to give you one big warning though: please use fetch from apt-move
4.1.16, since I've just detected a huge memory leak in sluri, and fetch seems
working fine again (see the documentation that comes with demish for details on
what fetch and sluri do; for now, just remember to install apt-move 4.1.16 too,
and put fetch in demish' configfile).

Hope this helps,

Admar Schoonen                            E-mail: admar@luon.net
Student Electrotechnology at Eindhoven, University of Technology

 If a day would have 48 hours, the job would be done at 26h pm.

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