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Unable to apt-get dist-upgrade / upgrade whatever...


I've got a problem with updating my Debian system. It is running the unstable version with kernel 2.4.3. When I run dselect and update the package list everything goes well. Then I try to install some packages (and update some existing packages). Downloading goes well, but then: the package system halts with the following message: 

|Fetched 7597kB in 2m52s (44.0kB/s) 
|Preconfiguring packages ..
|Authenticating /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.9.2_i386.deb ...
|debsig: Origin Signature check failed. This deb might not be signed.
|dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.9.2_i386.deb (--unpack):
| Verification on package /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.9.2_i386.deb failed!
|Errors were encountered while processing:
| /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.9.2_i386.deb
|E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
|Some errors occurred while unpacking. I'm going to configure the
|packages that were installed. This may result in duplicate errors
|or errors caused by missing dependencies. This is OK, only the errors
|above this message are important. Please fix them and run [I]nstall again
|Press enter to continue.

Pressing enter doesn't work... it just halts... I am sure I downloaded the packages of an official source (my sources.list points to http.us.debian.org and non-us.debian.org).

Does somebody know a work-around, or are the packages just corrupt and need to be fixed?

Thanks in advance,

Martijn Meijers

Running Debian GNU/Linux on a Pentium II @ 350 Mhz with 128 MB

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