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Bug#28177: dpkg --print-architecture requires gcc

there is at least one other package with "dpkg --print-architecture"
in its config script, so i'll let the dpkg maintainer reassign it, in
case he feels inspired to also forward it to other such packages.  And
maybe the dpkg maintainer will want to have a check for this usage put
into lintial.  And maybe, as I suggested, just in case this usage
comes up again, dpkg should deal with the situation more robustly -
even if it isn't dpkg's fault.  Or the dpkg maintainer might be
inspired to change the option to --print-target-architecture and
eliminate or deprecate --print-architecture, which with that name can
be guaranteed to creep into config scripts repeatedly.  Anyway, it
seemed like the dpkg maintainer might want to deal with this in a more
centralized fashion, so I thought I'd send it there to give them that
option, instead of burying it under emacs20.


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