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Some bugs that are fixed or can be fixed easily.

2834 seems irrelevant now.
1480: (start-stop-daemon doesn't check process status) doesn't seem to have
been a real bug, and if it was, it is not a dpkg bug. *
1642: (dpkg recursive package listing doesn't do the right thing) has been
1685: (dpkg-split --msdos not correct) has a suggested fix.
3170 (again dpkg --root=xxx) may have been fixed by now.
3233: should be closed, as the reporter of the bug never responded to a
request for additional information, and I suspect it is fixed anyway. *
3704: Ian states that he believes this was fixed in 1.2.11, he asked for
confirmation, and apparently received no response. I think we should accept
Ian's assessment and close it. *
4074: There is not a complete record of what the problem is here.
Therefore, I suggest it be closed. *
4195: Seems fixed, at least by my cursory examination of dpkg-source.
4974: Seems pretty easy to fix.
5623: I would find it odd if this weren't fixed. *
5853: This is definitely fixed. *
6007: This is "fixed", in my experience dselect will allow two instances of
itself to run, but it will refuse to run anything that invokes dpkg,
because of the lockfile on the status area. *
6633: This should be fixed by ditching dpkg's md5sum and using the md5sum
in textutils, possibly fixing dpkg to accept its output if necessary. The
textutils package seems to not have md5sum, because dpkg has a similar
executable. I don't like that.
7160: Clearly fixed, since start-stop-daemon has a man page now *
8241: Isn't the answer to this one that '--print-architecture' should only
be used when it is absolutely necessary to know the build architecture,
otherwise '--print-installation-architecture' should be used. The former
depends on gcc being installed, and on the output of 'gcc
--print-libgcc-filename' being what it expects, whereas the latter has no
such dependency.
10298: AFAICT, this is fixed. *
10363: This should be closed, since it was mostly infomagic's broken CD-ROM
that caused it, *and*, it was a 1.2 CD. *
10520: I can't reproduce this problem. *
11601: wtf kind of bug is this!? we don't even have source depends yet. I
recommend it be closed. *
13844: I don't understand this bug at all. I have never seen a need for the
mentioned symlink, and I don't know where the symlink is even supposed to
17964-17969: These aren't dpkg bugs, they are caused by the changed chown()
semantics in linux 2.1.84, this was fixed in 2.1.86, IIRC. *

I suggest that all the bugs with a '*' by them be closed.

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