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Re: Returned mail: see transcript for details

Thank you for writing blockedbyearthlink@abuse.earthlink.net.


This email address is only for issues where EarthLink appears to be
blocking an email server and an email is returned with one of the
following error messages:

"550 Dynamic/zombied/spam IPs blocked. Write blockedbyearthlink@abuse.earthlink.net"


"550 IP <Your IP Here> is blocked by Earthlink. Go to earthlink.net/block for details"

EarthLink is committed to decreasing spam for our customers via all
available channels.  As part of this process, EarthLink may be
blocking your mail server?s IP Address because the server is/was
listed in a dynamic IP range, an open proxy, a compromised machine, or
a source of spam.

EarthLink does not block domains (@yourdomainname.com) as a part of
this process.  If you are blocked from sending email to EarthLink it
may be because EarthLink is blocking the IP Address of the mail server
used by your domain to send email.

To resolve this issue, you must apply to have your email server IP
address removed from our spam filter.  To apply, please reply back to
blockedbyearthlink@abuse.earthlink.net with
'BLOCKED <insert Mail Server IP>' in the subject line.

To: blockedbyearthlink@abuse.earthlink.net
Subject: BLOCKED

You must submit your request in the exact format seen above.  If you
do not know the IP address of your mail server, you will need to talk
to your ISP or Domain host.  You can also use a site such as
www.mxtoolbox.com to look up your mail server?s IP address.

Visit www.earthlink.net/block for further tips on identifying your
email server IP address.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Earthlink Abuse Department

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