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PureMessage has processed an email that may contain a "dangerous" attachment

An email sent by you has been identified as a content threat by PureMessage and may contain a "dangerous" attachment.  


      Message Information

	      Event:            Threat
	      Action:           Message deleted
	      Message ID:       <200705021748.l42Hm0xH027860@TOCWP.pngxnet.com>
	      Message subject:  Error
	      Sender:           "debian-doc@lists.debian.org" <debian-doc@lists.debian.org>


	Attachment information:

		Event:	Threat
		Action:	No action
		Filename:	readme.pif
		Threat:	File attachment name


If you see "Message deleted" listed as the action taken in the "Message Information" section above, then this means that the attachment contained a virus and the email was deleted and not delivered.  Deleted messages cannot be recovered.

If you see "Message quarantined" and if you are certain that the attachment is not "dangerous" and would like to have the above email delivered to the intended recipient's mailbox, please forward this message onto the Help Desk and request that the quarantined e-mail be released.

   E-mail:  help@sauder.ubc.ca
   Phone:   604 822 0031

Technological Services
Sauder School of Business, UBC

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