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 nted to spend the last ten years cutting up trees for Chrissake? He pulled in another wheezy breath. Do you hear that Billy? Want to know how a man gets lungs like these? He thumped his chest. Sawdust. Just breathe it in and out, nice and easy. Little by little it collects, squeezes itself tight into the corners. You can see it in the filters around the machines.As we swung off the freeway, the thick cloud robbed me of the last bit of watery sun to drive by and I had the headlights on for the last hour. The county road down to their place was slippery with hard-packed snow; we almost went into the ditch a couple of times. By the time we pulled in next to Jim's battered pickup I was hunched over the steering wheel and my shoulders felt like they'd been jacked up under my ears.

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