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Dear Sacred Geometers

Dear fellow researchers and students of  Sacred Geometry, 

Hi, I'm Nancy Baumgarten, MLA ASLA a landscape architect turned
calendar-maker driven by Spirit to create this work to really show how
we all are interconnected to Universe through the reality of our yearly 

In looking for others of the same interests, I came across your website
and would like to offer the suggestion of link exchanges with you.
Please take a look at:  http://www.celestial-dynamics.com and see if it fits with 
your interests.  THANKS....

 Here is The Calendar as it really is!
a highly unique, astronomically-correct astronaut's view of the
Earth/Moon's yearly orbit through time-space with spectacular 
NASA image of our Milky Way Galaxy

 You can chart  Your Course through the Cosmos with the
         ORBITAL CALENDAR    26" X 38" Poster    w/24-page book
             Includes  Mayan/Gregorian Concordance (GMS correlation).
                             Please see at  http://www.celestial-dynamics.com

 After 11 years research and design on this project I am very proud of
The National Calendar Awards for: 
* Most Original, * Most Educational * Best Graphic Design

 All astronomic data has been reviewed by Guy Ottewell, Astronomer at
Furman University; and the newly added Mayan calendrics have been taken
from and approved by John Major Jenkins, an independent archeologist and 
highly original decoder of the remarkable work of the Mayans in the
Nature of TIME.  Also tested by Richard Crutchfield, PhD,
geomancer-dowser for sacred accuracy - it dowses out 5 miles!

Here are some comments from others:

 "I consider this map as important to understanding the reality of Time
as Buckminster Fuller's 'Dymaxion Map' and Tom Van Zant's 'Geosphere'
are to viewing the real world without distortion."
                    Mark Sutton  CEO, Aperion, Inc. Dallas, Texas
                    Computer visualization of scientific data;  Consultant to federal
                         agencies on global curriculum development.

Tom Hawking of Morehead Planetarium,
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill says of the calendar poster,
       "This space poster is simply the best most-easily understood 
explanation that I have ever seen for teaching some rather difficult 
concepts to grasp."

Geomancer-Dowser Richard Crutchfield, PhD.,
researcher of the  geomantic nature of sacred sites says of  the poster,

     "The Orbital Calendar Time-Space Poster is associated with a kind
of subtle but powerful energy field that...displays a certain energy
configuration that appears to be characteristic of places, objects and
activities long considered to be sacred and powerful. The origin of this
sacred energy seems to be beyond our galaxy (Hunab Ku) and the Orbital
Calendar serves as a channel for this energy....it dowses out 5 miles

Each day's location and the exact time of the quarter phases of the
moon  is shown relative to the 13 ecliptic constellations; the
heliocentric location of each of the solar system's other planets are
also shown, including Chiron and Ceres.
  Please see at:  http://www.celestial-dynamics.com


Nancy K. Baumgarten, MLA, ASLA
Celestial Dynamics
371 Sunset Drive
Asheville, NC 28804

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