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Re: Our Information We offer PE-AL composite pipe from China

Dear Sir,

We are glad to have learned your e-mail address from the  http://www.untpdc.org 
BBS and we are writing to you with the hope of  establishing a long-term relations.

We, Foshan Rifeng Enterprise Co., Ltd. are a new & Hi-tech enterprise  in Guangdong 
Province, China. With production technology and equipment  imported from Europe 
since 1994, Rifeng Enterprise manufacturers and  markets the world 90' most advanced 
Rifeng Unipipe. Up to now it has  been built into the largest manufacturing base 
of PE-AL composite pipe  in China.

With all imported raw material and complying with ASTM standards F1282  and F1281 
in its manufacturer and productions, tested by national  authorities, Rifeng 
Unipipe's quality meets completely or even better  than that of USA and European 
Similar products. With tests by the  national authoritative institutes, Rifeng 
Unipipe has been granted the  fames of: National New product, National Technology 
Achievement Key  Promotion Project, National Torch Planning Project, National 
Hi-living  Standard Dwelling Construction Recommended Product, China Engineering 
 Construction Recommended Product.

Satisfying customers and fine quality are vital to Rifeng Company, with  continuous 
technology innovations, the company wishes to make friends  all over the world, 
to a bright future.

For more information, please kindly contact us.

We are looking forward to your favorable reply.

Best regards,

Jason Wong

Foshan Rifeng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-757-3982 666
Fax: +86-757-2283 667
E-mail: rifeng_bosun@sina.com

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