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Re: some suggestions towards a Debian .desktop policy

On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 09:06:45AM +0100, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
While we perhaps should make anything possible for our users, unless it
requires too effort from us, that does not mean that all users should be
confronted with every available option all the time. Having to choose

I agree. Would it be possible to have a simple „show all” function in every menu tree that will show all application? Or a second menu tree with all application? I normally start application I know and use from the shell, but I use the menu to look for applications that are installed but are unknown to me.

And I had already people in my company who asked me why they didn’t find a certain application in their menu. Well, it was filtered because other people thought they shouldn’t see this application in the environment the users were using.

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