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Re: auto-tools and debian/source/Makefile.am file

Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> Anyone know how to make the auto-tools include the debian directory
> in the source tar ball (with `make dist') but NOT maintain any
> Makefile in those directories?

You can just list all needed files in EXTRA_DIST (or the appropriate
automake variable) and avoid using SUBDIRS, e.g.

EXTRA_DIST = upstream-file1 upstream-file2 debian/control \
	     debian/changelog debian/source/format ...

It's a separate question why would you need to distribute the upstream
tarball with a debian dir included...

(BTW, Automake is smart enough to automatically distribute ChangeLog,
README, THANKS, etc. and defining VPATH/srcdir is not necessary since
quite some time.)

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