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common maintainer mailing list for low-level burning apps and libs


Hereby I would like to propose usage of common mailing list
(debburn-devel) for all the packages involved in low-level burning and
image manipulation process.

As of now all they have their lists on alioth, which is somewhat
suboptimal in my opinion and there is room to avoid unnecessary
subscriptions or searching through several list archives given as
maintainer address.

Why common list:

* most of the low-level burning apps and libraries tend to have common
or similar source of problems, so sharing symptoms and diagnosises
would be helpful.
* some apps (excluding GUIs) reuse or rely on other apps or libraries.
* that would help to discuss more closely and eventually alleviate
more efficiently the issues during the 'transfer of authority' from cdr* to alternatives.
* that would help external packages like GUI frondends which could use
more than one low-level app/lib like versatile brasero to find their way
in case of not yet clear source of issues concering the lower level.

Why debburn-devel:

* most of the cdrkit maintainers are already there, so we get their
subscription for free.
* most of the other packaging lists seems to be unused.
* the name seems to be project neutral.
* some upstream authors are already subscribed there too.

That being said, I see setting Maintainer field of libburn, libisofs,
libisoburn, dvd+rw-tools, libcdio (did I miss any low-level app/lib?) to
debburn-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org and have their maintainers
subscribed there as a useful optimization, which was my motivation to
propose this.

Other similar suggestions or eventual rebuttals welcome.

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