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You can now email me at: akunkembunkem@rocketmail.com

- Dear Pls, I am Mr Akunkem Bunkem, I am the clerical officer incharge of ECOWAS BANK OF AFRICA transfer transmissions room, with deepest emotions, I have been observing all you have been going through towards trying to secure the transmissions of your Inherited funds to your bank account over the years, I am aware of all the charges that has been imposed on you just to frustrate you out of your fund. This is because,the board of directors wants you to be frustrated so that the said funds shall be consificated,do try to understand that the consifications bank account belongs to one of the directors of the ecowas bank called Mr Ravio Koffivi,the wicked and greedy man wants you out of the funds. Now, as a straight person, I want to transfer the fund into your bank account secretely between me and you. But this can be successfully acheived as soon as the cordinates and surbordinates are closed for the day, I will have to arrange with the security officers incharge for them to let me enter into the telex transmissions room to complete the already keyed transfers of your funds into your bank account and forward to you the complete transfer track code numbers and documents which you will need to show to your bank for confirmation of the fund into your bank account If you want this to happen right now,just e-mail me back very urgent and let me know how much you will give me at the successfull end of the transfers. Yours faithfully, Mr Akunkem Bunkem N/B: FOR SECURITY/OFFICIAL REASONS, KINDLY EMAIL ME BACK TO EMAIL: ( akunkembunkem@clerk.com ) TELEPHONE: +228 011 90 59

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