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Texhoma Energy flys up

News item of oil-field discovery to send TXHE flying!!!

firm: Texhoma Energy
Ticker:  TXHE
last price :     $0.08
Target Price:      $O.27

Here is  a trade mark new entrance into the Red Hot energy segment.
Texhoma's corporate model projected benefits with oil at $30
a barrel.  What do you think the profit-and-loss account is going
to show with oil at its last price ?  We call them ROYAL  profits!  But it's the statement of this new discovery of oil
that is really going to make this one take off!!!

With a formation of sound, proven management, Extremely
Lucrative industrial sector, and UNTHINKABLE Breeze, this stock
is going to fly on Tuesday!!!

Participators should pick up  TXHE as early as possible on Tuesday.
This News item is going to send it off the charts!  We all know
that in the oil business it's the big announcement that
make these stocks blow cool!!!

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