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Invitation From Pingo.com

Dear Debian Devel, 

I?m personally emailing you today to discuss a partnership. I noticed 
that your web site debian.org has linked to Tel3. Pingo is a virtual 
VoIP calling card service that helps the world save on there long 
distance and international calls. 

I'm sending you this invitation to discuss a few partnership options;

1.                 Join Pingo Affiliate Program

Pingo will pay you up to 80% of the first sale plus a residual income 
(6 months) for every new customer that debian.org refers to Pingo!

Learn more about this partnership at Pingo?s affiliate marketing tips 
site. http://www.SuperAffiliateBluePrint.com

2.	Link to Pingo for a Phone Card

If you post this text link on your site. 

Save on <a href="http://www.pingo.com";>International prepaid calling 
cards</a> with Pingo. 

I?ll be glad to give you a complimentary phone card good for about 3 
hours of international calls as a special thank you gift. 

3.	Post this Special Coupon Code on debian.org

As a way to save your website visitors money. Please post this special 
pingo coupon code. 

Save 10% on Pingo?s Virtual Calling Cards

Use Pingo Phone Coupon Code  ?springcall06?

Thanks for your future partnership, 


P.S. Don?t forget to email me back your link to Pingo so that I can 
send you your special phone card thank you gift. 

Affiliate Marketing Manager 
20 Second Avenue
Burlington, Ma. 01803
Direct: 781 505-7865

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